Everything You Want to Know about permanent hair straightening

Those with frizzy, curly hair can now bid farewell to daily hairstyling routine thanks to permanent hair straightening. This straightening treatment makes your hair manageable and easy to style. But if you’re wondering whether this treatment damages or hair or if it might have any side effects, then you’ve come to the right page as we will be discussing what you need to know about permanent hair straightening.

What is Permanent Hair Straightening?

Permanent hair straightening treatments are a chemical process that alters naturally curly or textured hair to lay flat and lose its curl. This treatment usually lasts for several months or more, until new hair grows in place the hair that was treated. There are different types of permanent hair straightening including keratin treatments, thermal straightening, and perming.

Types of Treatment

As mentioned above, there are a few types of treatments that you can choose to make your hair straighter. Each treatment relies on a different chemical formula and processing method.

Hair Rebonding

This form of hair straightening treatment restructures the shape of your hair by relaxing, breaking, and reshaping the bonds between your hair molecules. The process takes about 3 to 8 hours.

Steps Involved:

Hair is shampooed and divided into sections.

Thick layer of relaxant applied to the hair and held in place with a thin plastic board for 30-45 minutes.

Locks are steamed between 10 -40 minutes.

Relaxant is rinsed out and deep conditioner applied to hair to boost moisture.

Keratin lotion applied to strands.

Hair is washed with cold water after 30 minutes.

Hair is blow dried and permanently straightened with a flat iron.

Semi-Permanent Straightening

Keratin hair treatment and Brazilian blowouts are semi-permanent straightening processes that keeps your hair straight for approximately 3 to 5 months.

Steps Involved:

Hair is washed and divided into sections,

Keratin solution is applied to each section and left for 2-5 minutes.

Run a flat iron over your tresses, smoothening and locking your hair structure.

Thermal Straightening

Japanese thermal straightening process is also known as an acid perm. This type of treatment is similar to traditional “straight” perm compared to keratin treatment. However, this process involves the longest time spent in a salon chair of up to 6 hours and it also costs the most. Nonetheless, this treatment claims to last the longest compared to the rest.

Steps Involved:

Hair is washed and divided into sections.

Chemical solution is applied and left for 30-45 minutes.

Hair is rinsed and shampooed with cold water.

Hair is exposed to heat until it is straightened.

Another chemical is applied to retain its new shape.

Repeat the same process after 3 days.

At-Home DIY Perms

You can purchase chemical relaxant kits at pharmacies and beauty supply stores to perform your own DIY Perms at home. These treatments claim to offer the same results as you would get from a salon. However, these kits can be quite tricky to use effectively.

How Hair Straightening Works

Permanent hair straightening methods essentially use the same strategy where a chemical solution is applied to your hair. The chemical will then change the way your hair proteins are configured so you get straight, silky hair.

Perms and thermal straightening procedures use a neutralizer that causes your hair to lock into its new shape. The process form bonds between the protein molecules of your hair.

Hair straightening process can take several hours to infuse the chemical solution, apply neutralizer, and styling your hair. These chemical solutions often have very strong scents and you’re often cautioned against getting your hair wet or sweating too much a few days after the treatment.

Tips for Permanently Straightening Your Hair

Here are a few tips if you’re considering having your hair permanently straightened:

1. Consult a Professional

It is very important to consult the professional before straightening your hair because the strong chemicals used in hair straightening may cause hair thinning and hair fall, especially if your hair is weak or fragile. Hence, it is recommended to book an appointment with Evon Unforgettable Hair Stylist to consult a professional who will recommend the best process to follow based on your hair type.

2. Do Not Shampoo

Your scalp is sensitive after a straightening process and it will need some time to rest and regain its strength. If you shampoo your hair before allowing it some rest, you may end up with a burning sensation as the shampoo reacts with the chemical straighteners.

3. Detangle your Tresses

If your curls are extremely knotted or frizzy, you should detangle your locks before straightening them or it might be difficult to effectively coat your hair with the chemical solution.

4. Choose a Neutralizing Shampoo

A neutralizing shampoo can help prevent hair or scalp burn as well as overprocessing your hair.

5. Regularly Condition Your Hair

Permanent hair straightening treatment can dry out your hair. Hence, it is important for you to apply a conditioner every time you shampoo to replenish lost moisture. Opt for deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.

Pros & Cons of Permanent Hair Straightening


Permanent straightening is quite cost-effective when done at home.

Hair becomes more manageable.

Store-bought relaxers are less concentration than the ones in the salon while still providing similar results.

Lasts relatively long.


Treatment can cause split ends, hair loss, and breakage if not done properly.

Avoid coloring your hair to retain its shape.


Permanent hair straightening involves the use of chemical solutions that can be damaging if not done correctly. It is better to consult a professional to find out which treatment is best for your hair type. Post-treatment care is also important to maintain healthy hair. Make sure to regularly condition your hair after shampooing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wil my hair get weak after permanent straightening?

Yes, weak hair is a common side effect of hair straightening.

Can I tie my hair after permanently straightening?

Yes, you can tie your hair but it’s best to avoid doing so immediately after the treatment. Make sure to keep your hair loose for at least 3 days after the treatment.

How long does permanent hair straightening last?

Depending on your hair growth pattern, permanent hair straightening treatment can last between 4-6 months.